OptiSex Super Silicone Cockrings Set for Men, True Blue

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The new OptiSex Super Silicone cockrings are made of a hygienically superior premium Silicone material and will provide immediate sexual male performance boost as soon as you put it on. Penis rings are designed to produce fuller, firmer erections and help control premature ejaculations. This in turn leads to a very intense orgasm for him and a more overall satisfying sexual experience for both. Premium medical grade Super Silicone erection rings are safe, durable and non-toxic. OptiSex erection rings are easy to clean and maintain. Totally waterproof male sex toys are perfect for fun in and out of the water. Silicone cock rings are safe to use with any kind of personal lubricants and other sex toys. OptiSex cock ring set includes 3 penis rings of different sizes: 1.125``, 1.25``, 1.5`` in diameter and each will stretch to offer tight erection support for men of all sizes. UPC: 095225602719 Manufacturer Code: DL00241N

  • 397 Units in Stock
  • Model: DL00241N
  • Manuf. Code: 2260
  • UPC: 095225602719
  • Manufactured by: OptiSex USA

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 11 October, 2013.

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