CalExotics 3 Inch PPA with Jock Strap Harness, Brown

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CalExotics Brown PPA with Jock Strap is an ultra-tight, close ended penis extension sleeve with a comfortable, stretch to fit jock strap. Whether you are a timid beginner or an experienced erotic expert, Jock Strap PPA is your ticket to upgrading your pleasure tool. This erotic enhancer sleeve is enhances arousal, increases stamina and gives you jaw-dropping length enlargement with the life-like head and supportive jock strap. Super sized enhancer sleeve wraps tight to increase girth, length and explosive pleasure. Slip into this sexy sleeve and thrill your lover with increased girth and length. While your partner enjoys this fulfilling enhancer, you ll love extra 3 inches of power the solid head provides you. Embrace total control and comfort in this jock strap with the thick and comfortable waist and thigh straps. The functional hollow design and ultra-wide flanged base allows for a comfortably secure base and accommodates almost any user. The reinforced metal O ring and super supportive internal strap team up to securely hold most probe styles in place, so you can enjoy worry-free pleasure. Step up your pleasure and never settle for less when it comes to size, 3 inch extender with supportive jock strap from CalExotics will have you and your lover craving more, more, more. Give your partner a knee-shaking experience of a lifetime with extended length and sensational girth increase. UPC: 716770089809 Manuf. Code: SE-1630-10-3

  • 66 Units in Stock
  • Model: WM12341N
  • UPC: 716770089809
  • Manufactured by: CalExotics

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 20 March, 2018.

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