Boy Butter Clear H2O Water Based Condom Safe Invisigel Lubricant, 8 fl.oz (240 mL)

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Boy Butter Clear H2O water-based personal lubricant is made with patented Invisigel formula. This premium lube is condom safe, highly concentrated and totally water-soluble. Boy Butter Clear is the 1st water based cream formula ever totally latex and vaginally safe! Plus the 1st water based lubricant designed perfectly for both men and women! You`ll Never Know it isn`t Boy Butter or Boy Butter H20 is a water based gel lubricant with added Vitamin E, Shea butter and a touch of Aloe, gentle oils that do not degrade latex nor cause any internal irritation in either men or women. It is hypoallergenic, glycerin free, pigment-free, does not stain fabrics, and washes off totally with water alone. Clear H2O makes a perfect gift between lovers and friends, so you may never purchase another lube again! Fortified with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E Boy Butter Clear H2O water-based sensual glide is proudly made in the USA and comes in a transparent 8 fl.oz (240 mL) lube bottle. UPC: 855951200142 Manufacturer Code: BBC08

  • 92 Units in Stock
  • Model: V026589N
  • UPC: 855951200142
  • Manufactured by: Boy Butter

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