Doc Johnson Proloonging Delay Cream for Men, 2 ounce (56 g), Boxed

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New, Proloonging delay cream for men from Doc Johnson is stronger, odorless and tasteless. Rub this male performance boosting lubricant on your cock and last a long long time. Apply and gently massage into skin 10 minutes before action. Proloonging Delay Cream is proudly made in the USA by Doc Johnson and comes in a travel friendly 2 ounce (56 g) lube tube. UPC: 782421176006 Manufacturer Code: 1310-01-BX

  • 248 Units in Stock
  • Model: 1310011N
  • Manuf. Code: 1310
  • UPC: 782421176006
  • Manufactured by: Doc Johnson

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 15 June, 2011.

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