Skinny Mini G Spot Waterproof Vibrator for Women, 5.25 Inch, Iridescent Teal

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Perfectly contoured for rewarding G-Spot exploration, the Mini G vibe will bring you plenty of underwater thrills. Smooth, sleek, and slender shape to reach all the right spots. Just the right contours for easy access to G-spot climax. Special curved tip also works to tease your clit. Exciting, multi-speed vibration with a handy twist-dial at base. Waterproof design for pretty sensual pleasures in or out of the water. Handy wrist cord for easy retrieval during those extra hot showers. Durable Polycarbonate casing is 100% Phthalate-free and body-safe. Compact size and non-phallic shape make this G-Spot personal vibrator perfect for travel. Travel friendly female vibe measures 5.25`` long and has a comfy 3.5`` girth (1`` diameter). Eco-friendly box-less package for your benefit and the Earth`s. Strong G-Spot vibrator uses 2 AAA batteries (sold separately) and may be used for male prostate massage. UPC: 784682014875 Manufacturer Code: Z11103

  • 876 Units in Stock
  • Model: TP00088N
  • Manuf. Code: Z111
  • UPC: TP00088N
  • Manufactured by: OptiSex USA

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 15 June, 2011.

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