CalExotics Teardrop Battery Operated Bullet with Slim Remote, 2.25 Inch, White

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Everyone needs a powerful bullet in their life, the CalExotics Slim Teardrop Battery Operated Bullet with Remote being the perfect option. Discreetly compact with its 2.25`` measurement and requiring super-slim batteries, this mini bullet certainly doesn`t compromise on power. Guaranteed to result in explosive pleasure every single time, this vibe is ideal for both solo and couple play perfect to introduce into the bedroom! Offering multiple speeds for you to choose from, this white CalExotics Slim Teardrop Battery Operated Bullet with Remote simply requires 2 AAA batteries and is supplied in eco-friendly packaging. Please note: batteries NOT included. UPC: 716770068705 Manufacturer Code: SE-1110-20-1

  • 395 Units in Stock
  • Model: 7004281N
  • Manuf. Code: 1110
  • UPC: 716770068705
  • Manufactured by: CalExotics

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 16 May, 2012.

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