Disposable Finger Fun Vibrating Finger Massager, 2.25 Inch, Purple

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Best-selling Finger Fun vibrator is now available in a convenient one-time use, disposable version. Enjoy 40 steamy minutes of perfectly placed pulsations right where you want them. Super soft jelly finger sleeve is cleverly curved to hit all the right spots and perfectly angled to get the job done. Stimulating pleasure nubs line the surface for thrilling sensations. Perfect to use with a partner or for solo play. Discreet micro bullet delivers powerful vibrations with the flick of a switch. Let the powerful vibrations whisk you away. Great for road trips, commutes, the workplace, and any other time you need a quick buzz. Waterproof for fun in and out of water. FREE batteries are included. UPC: 603912296464 Manufacturer Code: PD2552-12

  • 74 Units in Stock
  • Model: PD00433N
  • Manuf. Code: PD25
  • UPC: 603912296464
  • Manufactured by: Pipedream

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 09 January, 2013.

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