Wascally Wabbit Rabbit Style Intimate Vibrator, 7 Inch, Pink

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Cute! i love the colors, it's so girly. Powerful, and really fun to use not only by myself but with my boyfriend also. I love that i can adjust the levels to seamlessly instead of just having to choose high or low i can go somewhere in between if i'd like. Although the "remote" on the cord is a tiny bit of a hassle but not too annoying. The only thing that really bothers me is the shape. the tip is extremely pronounced, which wouldn't bother me as much if it were a little bit longer in the shaft but that's just a matter of personal preference i suppose. AND -YES- it did smell very very VERY plastic-y when i opened up the package which you know can be pretty unnerving and it definitely wasn't something that made me want to strip down and use it right away. But i just washed it a few times with some soap and water and didn't let it coop up in a drawer or anything the first few days and it went away. all in all i am very pleased
Date Added: 08/31/2011 by Desiree Demarco
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